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SolarSpan and Insulroof

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Insulated roofing for Perth’s outdoor construction needs

SolarSpan is an insulated panel with a Trimdek roofing sheet profile, while Insulroof is an insulated panel with a corrugated roofing sheet profile. Both offer an attractive, upmarket outdoor entertaining solution.

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Full product detail for Insulroof is available at http://bondor.com.au/products/roofing/insulroof

Full product detail for SolarSpan is available at http://bondor.com.au/products/roofing/solarspan


Oasis does it Best

When looking to update your outdoor area, you want to choose a brand that is known for its quality, durability and attractiveness. That’s where we come in, being a certified Solarspan and Insulroof stockist in Perth. These sleek, trusted designs can turn your garden into the type of relaxing haven you’ve always dreamed of.

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Warranty to Weather

When building a patio, pergola or gazebo, it’s important that you choose materials that will endure the weather all year round. For Perth, Solarspan patio roofing is perfect as it can cool your outdoor area in the heat of summer and protect it from the bitter breeze in winter. Solarspan is unique in its ability to combine insulation, roofing and a sleek, attractive design into one. There’s no need to compromise between quality and attractiveness, nor quality and affordability. Whether you choose Solarspan, Colorbond or Stratco, every product we use is guaranteed to provide you with a high quality, low maintenance area to entertain family and friends for years to come.

Custom Calibre

We provide as many options as possible so that you can find something that suits every one of your needs and preferences. However, sometimes you might have trouble suiting something to your garden due to landscaping issues and if this does happen, we’ve got you covered. Our custom-design service lets us work with you to create the perfect patio and roofing for your property. Still within the Solarspan range, we can create gable, dome, carport and alfresco features that fit your home perfectly. We even offer DIY kits with any material or design you want for those of you who are up to the challenge of creating your new outdoor feature yourself. We are dedicated to ensuring that you’re happy with the final product not only during the creation process, but for the many years in which you’ll be using it afterwards.

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