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Glosswood solid timber lining is the next step in luxury outdoor style

Glosswood is a premium product offered by Oasis Patios and is used on patios that require a touch of luxury. Glosswood is a solid timber lining with a woodgrain finish that adds something extra to any of our outdoor patio designs. Glosswood is available in a range of stains and we believe it is truly the ultimate in outdoor luxury.

Getting the right look for your new outdoor patio can be difficult, but when you want to elevate the feeling of your outdoor area, Oasis Patios recommends adding Glosswood solid timber lining to your construction project. The stunning appearance created by the lining is something that’s hard to match.

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Glosswood solid timber lining.

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Take your design to the next level

If you’re tired of the same old patio designs and want to get the neighbours talking then you need to consider including Glosswood in your patio design. We consider it the premium solid timber lining on the market and love what it does for the patios we build.

Get in contact with our team on 08 9452 0905 discuss how we can use Glosswood to create a beautiful patio design for you. Our team are ready to answer any questions you may have. And why not come in and visit our Perth show room and see some great examples of the this type of finish.

To view the full range of colours and finishes available, please click the Brochure


Full product details are also available at http://www.glosswood.com.au/

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