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Colorbond-Material adds style and value to any Perth home

Whether you’re an enthusiastic party host or a dedicated homebody, we have just the thing you need to get more enjoyment out of your house. Our patios and roofing using Colorbond-material is the perfect way to affordably add a luxurious touch to your property, simultaneously adding value, comfort and style to it in a way that other outdoor features can’t.

Colorbond-Material Equals Forever Finishes

The superior quality and design of Colorbond roofing and patios makes them a great addition to any Perth home. Everything from the structural beams to the brackets and roof sheeting is guaranteed to stand the test of time, ensuring that you won’t need to worry about any annoying repairs or maintenance upkeeps every few months. These designs are made specifically to ensure efficient council approval and maximum strength, meaning that regardless of the weather we experience, your feature will not be effected.

Find out how we can incorporate Colorbond into your outdoor design for a lot less than you think.

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Suitably Stylised for any Perth Home

We offer a wide range of different roofing designs, such as dome, gable, pergola, gazebo and even carports.

If after all that you still can’t find a Colorbond roofing style that matches what you want, we can create a custom-made feature for your home. These features are perfect for creating an alfresco dining atmosphere that you, your friends and family will enjoy in any season.

Available in 22 classic and contemporary shades, Colorbond is the most popular material used by Oasis Patios. It is also the perfect choice when considering blending the material to your existing property.


Full product detail is also available at www.colorbond.com including the full range of material colours.

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