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6 Months Interest-Free Patios & Gazebos!

Our 6 Months Interest-Free Payment Plan

Not only can a patio or gazebo add value to your home, but it can provide you and your family with more space and a improved outdoor area. However, like most things, a properly designed and constructed patio isn’t cheap! We understand that though and so through VISA, we’re able to offer you a 6 months interest-free period in which to enjoy your new outdoor area!

It isn’t hard either! We help you place your application so you’re not stuck doing all the paperwork on your own and can accept payments on the VISA credit card. Every purchase over $250.00 automatically qualifies for 6 Months Interest-Free. So you can have the patio you’ve always dreamed of – and pay for it later!


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To find out more about purchasing a patio with 6 Months Interest Free, contact our office on (08) 9452 0905.

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